Call Center Customer Service

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About This Course:
Incoming! Every time the telephone rings at a call center, there's a new opportunity to exceed customer needs. But who will be other end? Perhaps it will be a pleasant customer with a simple request, an irate customer who is spouting frustration, or a client with a speech pattern that is hard to understand. A CSR's day is far from routine.

This workshop is specifically designed to meet the demands and address the pressures of call center customer relationship management. It will help you handle call after call in a proficient and professional manner and to manage your own "tele-stress" so you can be your best!

What You'll Learn:

  • The unique dynamics of telephone customer service
  • The top 15 Do's and Don'ts for Call Center Customer Service
  • The importance of proper attitude and mood
  • The differences between statements, questions, and objections
  • The main customer types and how to deal with each
  • Ways of creating constructive dialogue
  • Strategies for increasing listening skills
  • A game plan for handling calls-open, identify, act, agree, close
  • Methods for handling "chatty" callers
  • Ways to politely end the "endless phone call"
  • Techniques for dealing with the "hard-to-understand" caller
  • Techniques for dealing with angry callers
  • Strategies for handling uncooperative callers
  • Ways to handle your own "tele-stress"
Continuing Education Credits:

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