Boardroom Best Practices For The Real World

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For board members, corporate governance today is a battleground between different interests. Investors demand better results and regulators add ever-increasing layers of legal danger and paperwork. And then there is management, with whom the board must shape a sometimes friendly, sometimes contentious relationship.

Yet boards are discovering that they can't wrestle with these big issues until they shape a strong foundation of the little issues. These are the basics of good boardsmanship: effective meetings; strong board leadership; power agendas that use every minute to the max; smart board committee structures; streamlined board info that informs without overwhelming; controls that keep the board well informed.

Ralph Ward's "Boardroom Best Practice" webinar delivers on this need with a tight, 90-minute live webinar of real-world tools, models and ideas that help any board do a better job of oversight, in less time and with less effort.


The Essentials: Your Board's Role in Governance, and What It Must Get Right for Success

  • The Five Factors That Make an Effective Board
  • Know Your Directors Duties, Know Your Board Role
  • Crafting Board Power Committees
  • How Best Practice Board Leaders Lead
Structure and Workings of Best Practice Boards: Planning and Scheduling the Board Agenda and Calendar and Board Meetings That Work
  • How Smart Boards Plan Their Work
  • Agenda Design as a Board Power Tool
  • Try These Agenda Tips for Better Board Oversight in Less Time
  • Board Presentations That Aren't Deadly (or Deceptive)
Board Information Flow: Assuring Board Info Is Both Comprehensive and Useful
  • Why so Many Boards Are Either Drowning in - or Starving for - Info
  • Best Practice Board Info Packages
  • Smart Use of Tech and Board Online Portals
Improving the Breed: Moving Your Board Beyond the Basics
  • Board Evaluation - Doing It Right, Making It Stick
  • Board Talent Planning and Succession

Ralph Ward
  • Publisher of the online email newsletter Boardroom INSIDER, the worldwide source for practical, first-hand advice on better boards and directors (
  • An internationally-recognized writer and commentator on the role of boards of directors, the secrets of how benchmark boards excel, corporate scandals and reforms, and the future of governance worldwide
  • Writer of the books "Boardroom Q&A" (2011), "The New Boardroom Leaders" (2008), "Saving the Corporate Board" (2003), "Improving Corporate Boards: The Boardroom INSIDER Guidebook" (2000), and "21st Century Corporate Board" (1997)
  • Speaks extensively on boardroom issues in the U.S. and internationally, presenting programs on boardroom best practices
  • His two-day "Boardroom Masterclass" seminar has recently been offered in the Middle East, Africa and Asia
  • Has also edited The Corporate Board magazine, the international journal of corporate governance, since 1990
Boardroom Best Practices For The Real World
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