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Avoiding The Top 10 Legal And Compliance Mistakes In The E-Statement Process

Webinar: ID# 1010211
About This Course:
Attend this program and learn how to recognize and avoid the top 10 legal & compliance mistakes in the e-statement process. We'll answer the most common questions about E-SIGN, UETA, e-statements, e-disclosures, affirmative electronic consent, and record retention among other important issues, including:
  • Do you allow consumers to sign up for online banking in your lobby - and on their own mobile devices?
  • Does your e-disclosure contain all the required information including mandatory technology guidelines?
  • Could you provide evidence of consumers' affirmative consent if your e-statement program triggered a lawsuit or regulatory audit?
What You'll Learn:Is your bank's e-statement program legally compliant? Do you adhere to E-SIGN and UETA? Is your enrollment process lawful, or are you signing up consumers in an illegal, noncompliant fashion? Attend this training session and learn:
  • Answers to bankers' most common, most pressing e-statement questions
  • Recognizing and avoiding the top 10 legal & compliance mistakes in the e-statement process
  • What are E-SIGN & UETA? What do they require?
  • Case law: What do the courts have to say about demonstrable consumer consent?
  • Enrolling consumers in your lobby: Is it lawful?
  • Allowing consumers to enroll via mobile devices: Is it compliant?
  • Proving affirmative consent to courts & regulators: Why, how?
  • Balancing the need for E-SIGN compliance with the urge to provide hands-on service
  • What constitutes a lawful, well-written e-disclosure?
  • Understanding and complying with E-SIGN consumer consent provisions and processes
  • Why and how customers must prove technological competence to receive e-statements
  • Potentially costly consequences of noncompliance
  • Timely information, expert advice, best practices, and compliance tips to implement immediately
Intended Audience

This informative session is a must to ensure legally compliant e-banking. Compliance officers, risk managers, online banking personnel, operations managers, business development managers, and others charged with managing online banking, E-SIGN, e-statements, and e-disclosures will benefit from this program.
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