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Account Marketing Ideas

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About This Course:
It can be argued that selling is a myth, that customers do not like to be sold, they wish to make their own decisions and buy on their schedule.

As such, bankers must be perceived as banking professionals - and not sales people - if they are to maintain their customers' trust. So what, exactly, is the best way to generate new business?

Cold calls and call sessions do not work and should never be a part of a professional banker's sales initiative. So how about "Relationship Account Marketing", which abolishes cold calling and the resulting discomfort it brings the banker and the customer - and turns the banker's efforts into long term, ongoing profitable sales and improved customer satisfaction.


Analyze current sales strategies and their impact
  • The cost of lost business
  • The cost of inefficient sales efforts
  • The impact of traditional sales efforts on Morale
Identify the elements of Excellent Customer Service
  • Learn to convert Excellent Customer Service into Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Build Daily Relationships that can be converted into sales
  • Build Daily Relationships that can be used to make Customers' Challenges negligible
Learn to build a Prospect Matrix
  • Identify your market by segments
  • Create a focus on high potential fast turnaround
  • Build a strategy for immediate and long term sales
Learn to create a new sales strategy that fits your bank's culture
  • Rank business types by profitability and risk
  • How to guide your customers to "yes" without sales language
  • Customers will choose to buy from you
  • Customers will choose to recommend you to others
  • Customers will proactively look for ways to help increase your business
Design a customized sales funnel, which helps you manage your time
  • Determine the elements that best suit your culture and goals
  • Identify, Prioritize, and establish proportions for your time and activities
  • Establish the quantity and quality of the customers you choose to win
Learn to Guide your prospects to the Axis of Recognition of Need
  • Zero pressure tactics allow you to identify customers' need and help them realize what that need is
  • People buy on their schedule, learn to help them understand how you are an essential part of their schedule
  • With your guidance your prospects will ask to buy from you and insist that what you offer is a perfect fit
What You'll Learn:This webinar focuses upon building strong sales without the pain and discomfort of cold calling or the use of traditional sales language and strategies.

During this training session, participants will learn how to win new business and increase existing business without sacrificing their professionalism or feeling pressured to make conquest sales.

You will learn how to best identify and qualify your prospective market, how to approach that market in such a way that they welcome you with open arms, and how to identify the potential increases in sales and profitability that could be eluding your bank currently.

This webinar is critical for every bank, financial institution, or sales organization that wishes to conquer their market and build short and long term exponential sales.
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Account Marketing Ideas
Available 2:00 till 3:30pm Eastern or via On-Demand
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