9 Steps to Understanding Chapter 13 Procedures

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About This Course:
The 9-step approach to understanding Chapter 13 procedures will allow institutional lenders, their attorneys and accountants to comprehend the ramifications of a borrower seeking debt relief and reorganization under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding, as well as mortgage modification.

Attendees will gain insights into what qualifies a consumer to file for bankruptcy protection, (with or without mortgage modification) and what the lender can and can not do when a bankruptcy plan is confirmed.

Understanding the rights of the consumer enables the lending institution and all personnel involved in a qualified debt to recognize and respect the boundaries of debt collection and recourse.


Formulating a Confirmable Plan
    Cram Down
      The Means Test
        Feasibility of the Plan
          Length of the Plan
            Confirmation of the Plan
              Chapter 13 Discharge
                Chapter 13 Case Study
                  Ethical Considerations
                    About The Presenters

                    Robert J. Bigge, Jr., Esq.
                    • Partner at Bigge & Rodriguez, P.A.
                    • Bankruptcy attorney in Fort Lauderdale with a practice limited exclusively to consumer bankruptcy for nearly 23 years
                    • Receives many referrals from clients, accountants and attorneys practicing in other areas of law
                    • Has a reputation for successful, yet compassionate representation, and he places a high priority on personal attention and honest assessment of clients’ circumstances
                    • Every client has a unique situation, and Robert’s practice limited to Chapter 13, Chapter 7, and Mortgage Modification Mediation enables him and his partner to find the right solution for each client
                    • Awarded 9.6 Superb Avvo Rating, Recognized Speaker in the Southern District of Florida
                    9 Steps to Understanding Chapter 13 Procedures
                    Available on CD format
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