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Call Report: Lending Schedules For Banks

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Loan information on the Call Report provides critical credit information for regulators.

The rules for Call Report schedule RC-C dictate how loans are to be reported on all loan schedules, including the income statement, charge-offs and recoveries, averages, and past dues and non-accruals.

This webinar will help you learn the classification priority for reporting loan information correctly, and will provide detailed information on accurately reporting unused commitments, interest rate lock commitments, and insider loans.What You'll Learn:
  • RC-C, Loan Classification
  • RC-C Memoranda
  • RC-C, Part II, Loans to Small Businesses and Small Farms
  • RC-K, Loan Quarter to Date Averages
  • RC-L, Unused Commitments, Letters of Credit, Interest Rate Locks
  • RC-M, Insider Loans
  • RC-N, Past Due and Non-accrual Loans
  • RI 1a, Interest & Fee Income on Loans
  • RI-B, Charge-Offs and Recoveries
Examiners are reviewing Call Report schedules in much more detail than in the past, so attend this training session to make sure your organization is in compliance!
Call Report: Lending Schedules For Banks
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Course Details
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