Employee Wages: Administration of Caps, Freezes, Reductions and Furloughs

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About This Course:
Employers continue to search for ways to control payroll costs in response to economic uncertainty. Layoffs and force reductions have pared many workforces to the bone, but the pressure to manage costs is relentless.

Adjustments to compensation and to working time can be viable alternatives to job cuts, but they are not without legal risk.

This topic will address the legal and business cases for compensation adjustments and provide a road map for implementing wage cuts, caps and freezes so that employers can realize their goal of cost savings without buying expensive legal claims as part of the package.

This webcast will also outline the best way to adjust working hours and to create a successful furlough programs. Additionally, this topic will discuss the viability of these cost savings measures in the cross border context.


Wage and Benefits Adjustments as an Alternative to Layoffs - The Business Side

Wage and Benefits Adjustments as an Alternative to Layoffs - The Legal Side

Furloughs and Working Time Reductions- Risk Management Considerations
  • Macro or Micro?
  • Wage and Hour Concerns
  • State Unemployment Compensation Issues
  • Impact of Extending the Unemployment Limits
  • Jobless Recovery Why Unemployment May Significantly Lag Behind a Recovery
  • Employees on Leave
  • A Word About Unions
  • Minimizing Discrimination Risks
Caps and Compensation Cuts - Risk Management Considerations
  • Managing Contract Exposures
  • Employee Retention Concerns
  • Succession Planning in a Defensive Environment
Global Considerations
About The Presenter

Rick Cobb
  • Executive vice president of global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.
  • Firm has provided job search counseling to discharged professionals making the transition to reemployment since the 1960's
  • With Challenger for 21 years
  • Oversees all relationship development and transition counseling for North America
  • Serves on the senior management team responsible for developing and maintaining the firm's worldwide business strategy
  • BA dynamic speaker, he is frequently asked to present to business organizations on issues related to employment and workforce development
  • Made presentations at Nielsen Learning's Leadership Summit, The Human Resources Assoc. of Central Ohio Annual Conference and the Human Resources Forum of Ontario's Annual Conference in 2007
  • Frequent contributor to Canada's Report on Business, CNBC, CNN and NBC
  • Bachelor's degree in marketing and speech communications, Drake University
Employee Wages: Administration of Caps, Freezes, Reductions and Furloughs
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