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Course/Product Description

Vital Check and Deposit Issues - A Deeper Dive

Date / Time: Recorded
Format: Webinar

In this webinar, we will continue to delve into common questions and answers that your frontline has about checks and deposits. You will also have time to get your questions to us before the program so they will be addressed in the presentation plus there will be ample time for further discussion during the two hour webinar. Before the webinar, submit your questions to and your speaker will answer those questions during the course of the presentation.

Questions We Will Answer:

  • How do we make out a check when we close an UTMA?
  • Can we maintenance an account from a UTMA to a joint account?
  • Can you have an authorized signer on a UTMA account?
  • Can a representative payee account be joint?
  • Can a VA account be joint?
  • What do we do if the beneficiary of a representative payee account dies?
  • Can a sole proprietor cash checks made payable to a business?
  • Can a business deposit checks from one business into another business?
  • Can we give less cash on any business checks?
  • What happens on a POD if a beneficiary dies?
  • Can we take personal checks into business accounts?
  • If a check is made payable to a trust can it go into the trustee’s personal account?
  • Can a check made payable to a trustee go into a trust account?
  • Can we remove a joint owner from an account?
  • Can we allow an authorized signer a debit card?
  • Can we allow a POA on a joint account?
  • Can we refuse a POA?
  • Are there transactions a POA should not make?
  • And many more
Who Should Attend

This webinar will benefit new accounts representatives, customer service representatives, branch managers, branch administration, compliance and anyone who works with deposit signature cards.

The Presenter

Deborah Crawford is the President of Gettechnical Inc., a Virginia based training company. She specializes in the deposit side of the financial institution and is an instructor on IRAs, BSA, Deposit Regulations and opening account procedures. She was formerly with Hibernia National Bank (now Capital One) and has bachelor's and master's degrees from Louisiana State University. She has 27 years of combined teaching and banking experience.

Cannot Attend The Live Presentation?

This presentation is also available in a recorded format, in On-Demand Or CD versions, as shown in the pricing options below.

About Webcasts / Audio Conferences / Podcasts:

Webcasts, audio conferences, and podcasts are presentations that you attend via the Internet, phone, or mobile device at a specified date and time for "live" versions, or at your convenience for "recorded" and "On-Demand" versions.

The live versions are interactive, meaning that participants can ask questions in real time, plus are a very cost-effective form of training because 1) you receive fast, convenient learning without any out-of-office time; 2) you can invite as many colleagues as you'd like to listen in on a single phone line; 3) you incur no travel expenses; and 4) you and your colleagues are back at work immediately after the session ends!

And though with recorded versions you do lose the ability to ask questions, you gain the ability to hear the presentation numerous times and to share it with others in your office.

Handout materials and the phone number for live presentations are made available to you prior to the event via email from the presenter and from the "MyAccount" link on the menu bar. Copies of the presentations are included with recorded versions.

Licenses / Designations / Educational Credits:CEU
All US States: 2.5
All Canadian Provinces: 2.5
About The Provider: Since 1983 Total Training Solutions has produced dozens of videotapes, CD-Roms, DVD's and web-based training modules. In addition to off-the-shelf products, Total Training Solutions also develops custom training products and consults with financial institutions to develop their own training curriculum.

For timely delivery of training topics, webinars or web conferencing is an unbeatable option. We now offer over 100 live programs per year and you can even purchase the recorded or ondemand session if you are unable to attend the live program.

We have worked exclusively with the financial industry since our founding. Because of this, we understand the needs of training departments in financial institutions and are alert to changes which affect the industry.

Webinar Descriptions:

Live Session:
Attend the live session with the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter. You also receive a link to the handouts. All registrations for a live event will be given access to the OnDemand recording, at no additional cost, for seven days following the event. This will allow a flexible alternative when last minute conflicts intrude on scheduled events.

Recorded CD:
CD-Rom includes audio and video of recorded webinar plus hard copy handouts. You will also receive 6 months access to the OnDemand weblink as an added free bonus.

Includes a weblink for unlimited viewing for 6 months after the date of the webinar as well as a link to handouts.

Live + Recorded:
Includes all three options above. Live session, OnDemand Weblink, and CD-Rom plus Hardcopy Handouts.

Live + OnDemand:
Includes two of the options above. Live session and 6 months access to OnDemand Weblink plus link to handouts.
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