Sales Meeting Express - Archived Volume #3

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Sales Meeting Express - Archived Volume #3
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Are your sales meetings ... boring, ineffective, and seem to elicit little participation? Do you find yourself cancelling meetings - or worse - conducting the meetings even when you're not fully prepared?

You need Sales Meeting Express #3 - professional sales skill development without the headache of coming up with a topic and building an agenda!

This package offers 24 Unique Sales Meeting Agendas, complete with:

  • Opening comments
  • Handouts
  • Group exercises

The agendas are all-inclusive! Preparation time is cut to virtually nothing. Everything you need is provided for you in this package - you simply facilitate the meeting! Best yet, each meeting is designed to be completed in 20 - 30 minutes.

Upon ordering, your package is provided in a convenient PDF File download.

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Topic: Selling During a Campaign
Materials: Flip Chart or White Board
Time Needed: 29 Minutes

Objectives of Meeting

Give the team ideas on how to start sales conversations during a campaign.

Introduction – (3 minutes)

  • Welcome and thank everyone for coming into the meeting
  • Begin by describing the campaign that you are heading into or are in the middle of
  • Mention either the results to date compared to the goal or, if you have not started yet, the goal itself
  • Suggest that today you will talk about a simple way to help them find out if the client they are speaking with needs the campaign product you are selling

Competitive Advantages – (4 minutes)

  • Say to your team, "Before you start asking your clients questions you will need to know where you want to steer the conversation"
  • Ask the team to give you all the competitive advantages your campaign product has over the competition
  • List their answers on a flip chart

How to Start the Conversation? – (3 minutes)

  • Mention to the group that the best way to start sales conversations in a campaign is to spot a logical opportunity and begin by asking the client a problem question
  • Ask the team what the definition of a problem question is
  • If they draw a blank, remind them that a problem question is a question that will find out if the client has the problem that the product you are thinking of talking to them about, solves
  • Give the team an example. If you are in a credit card campaign you would likely consider someone paying a competitor's credit card bill to be an opportunity
  • If your competitive advantage over the client's card is a better interest rate you might ask, "I see you have the ABC Visa, how do you feel about the interest rate you pay on that card?"

Breakout – (5 minutes)

  • Split your team into small groups and ask them to list all the logical and obvious opportunities for the campaign product you are selling.
  • Also ask them to come up with a question that will uncover if the client has the problem that the product solves

Regroup – (5 minutes)

  • Regroup and pick a spokesperson from each group
  • List their answers on the flip chart
  • Discuss the appropriateness of each question
  • Work with the team to come up with more natural language for the questions; language that they would feel comfortable using

No Logical Opportunities? – (3 minutes)

  • Ask your team, "What do you do if there is no apparent opportunity that presents itself and you still want to speak to the client about our campaign product without product dumping?"
  • Suggest that there is a way around it
  • Tell them that they can start the conversation off by mentioning that you have a campaign on a specific product
  • Remind them that this is not product dump. That product dumping occurs when you suggest to the client that the product is right for them before you know if they have the problem or need
  • Tell them that they can avoid product dumping by using the product to start the conversation, then immediately asking a problem question based on your competitive advantages
  • Give them the following example to illustrate: in a credit card campaign where the competitive advantage for your card is a better interest rate you might start by responding when the client says, "How are you?" with, "I'm doing well thanks, we have lots going on around here right now. We have a campaign on our credit card, it's really got an attractive interest rate, what sort of rate are you getting on your card?"

Conversation Starters – (5 minutes)

  • Ask your team to come up with conversation starters for situations where there is no logical cue that the client would need the product
  • Ask them to use the concept just described of mentioning the product and then flipping back to a problem question.
  • Refer to the Coaching Notes for ideas you can share if they are having a hard time coming up with ideas
  • Work with the team to come up with more natural language for the questions; language that they would feel comfortable using

Conclusion &Coaching Focus – (1 minute)

  • Ask them to commit to using their favorite question in the next day and be ready to report back successes and challenges
  • Commit to following up with them to hear how effective the questions they came up with are
  • Redirect and coach as necessary
Sales Meeting Express - Archived Volume #3
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